As an innovative and fast-growing service provider, our range of training programmes and courses now extends beyond workforce development in the automotive sector to learners of all ages. We have developed a broad range of programmes, including:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Adult Training Provision ie Pre-Employment Training
  • School Engagement Projects eg F1 in Schools
  • Full-time Automotive Manufacturing Programme for 16-18 year olds
  • Traineeships 17-24 year olds

We are passionate about the impact that sector-specific training and educational programmes can have on young people. That’s why we have invested heavily in a number of new and diverse projects taking a different approach to learning.

Through programmes such as F1 in Schools, Industrial Cadets and The Art of Manufacturing, we are introducing the next generation of employees to skills in a fun way. By applying important principles in an exciting and engaging environment, we can ensure a bright future for the UK’s manufacturing and engineering sector.

NAC Apprentices

Our apprenticeship programmes are designed to support the developmental needs of new recruits and other workers in the automotive sector. The apprenticeships work as follows:

  • Training is organised in the workplace, during working hours.
  • Trainees have to demonstrate that their skills and knowledge reach the required level.
  • The apprenticeships lead to the award of a nationally recognised Level 2 Certificate or Diploma; the qualifications are awarded by Edexcel Pearson Education Ltd.
  • Qualifications are available in Performing Manufacturing Operations, Business Improvement Techniques and Warehousing & Storage.
  • An apprenticeship takes a minimum of 12 months to complete.

In line with our commitment to support the lifelong learning of all our trainees, we encourage employers to sign up their new recruits for an apprenticeship.

Continuing your journey with a paid apprenticeship in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Pre-Employment Programme /
Sector Based Work Academies

Designed specifically to meet employers’ immediate and future recruitment needs. SBWA’s also represent a unique opportunity for individuals of 19+ claiming Jobseekers Allowance to learn manufacturing, employability and functional skills. The course works as follows:

  • PEP trainees are recruited by referral through Jobcentre Plus or events organised by NAC Training sometimes referred to as Pop-ups which are designed to accommodate any geographical area ie we can go anywhere to deliver.
  • Trainees undertake a 6-week programme of learning and training activities to gain nationally recognised qualifications for the automotive manufacturing sector.
  • The first 3 weeks comprise an introduction to health and safety at work, responsibilities in the workplace and the principles of continuous improvement. State-of-the-art equipment is then used to develop an understanding of operator-level working in different aspects of automotive manufacturing.
  • The second 3 weeks comprise simulated work experience, together with an exploration of roles in the automotive sector, CV preparation and interview techniques. Trainees are supported to complete an application for work at Nissan.
  • Trainees are supported throughout by one of NAC’s personal tutors.
  • Trainees who successfully complete the PEP course are guaranteed entry into Nissan’s application process – which involves a skills test, interview and line trial.
  • All trainees will be supported by a NAC skills matcher, for up to 13 weeks, in order to identify suitable employment or further training

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F1 in Schools

What is the F1 Challenge?

  • A world wide competition with over 40 countries competing against each other.
  • Aiming to design, test, develop, manufacture, market and race a miniature F1 car.
  • An insight to how a product is developed from the initial concept stage.
  • Helping change the perception of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in the engineering process.

At NAC, we endeavour to introduce and teach young people STEM subjects in a fun and truly engaging way. Our education and training programmes help people enhance their understanding of STEM skills between the ages of 9 and 19.

Through initiatives such as the F1 in Schools Challenge, Industrial Cadets and The Art of Manufacturing, we are able to make STEM relevant and exciting – inspiring children to work hard and strive towards careers in industries ranging from civil engineering to elite motorsport.

If you are a school interested in taking part, the software used to produce the prototype ie Autodesk is completely free to download, so no extra costs to the budget!

For further information about this and all other aspects of the F1 in Schools Challenge visit

Industrial Cadets

Industrial Cadets provides an opportunity for 14 to 16 year olds to experience what manufacturing involves and to learn some of the core principles of lean manufacturing. It involves learning by doing over an extended time frame, and is designed to:

  • Promote interest in STEM subjects and explain the different career paths available in manufacturing.
  • Delivers an intense but enjoyable 5 day course for 12 students which includes design, testing, manufacturing, marketing of a miniature F1 car which culminates with an exciting race day and presentation.
  • The aim of the Industrial Cadets F1 Program is to give students an insight to how a product is developed from the initial concept stage. It will give students an understanding of the manufacturing process which will hopefully help them focus on a career path within the industry. Businesses from the area will visit the students during the course raise awareness of opportunities available to them. The program emphasises the importance of team work and embeds the softer skills needed to progress in any future careers.
  • Participants will be awarded a project completion certificate.

Following Nissan’s great success in this, NAC have designed their own 5-day programme incorporating F1 in schools. See good news article here.

Art of Manufacturing

The Art of Manufacturing is based on a model developed at Nissan’s HQ in Japan. It introduces young people aged 9 to the world of manufacturing, and works as follows:

  • It involves learning through doing.
  • The programme lasts half a day or one-day, and is delivered to groups of around 30 students.
  • It comprises a hands-on Lego  production line and hands-on use of manufacturing equipment.
  • Participants experience teamwork, learn how to improve efficiency, make improvements and build a quality product. They learn how safety is maintained during production and the equipment used to protect the workforce; they develop manual dexterity.
  • The Art of Manufacturing results in project completion certificates for participants, awards and prizes for them and their schools.

Full-time Boot Camps/pre-Apprenticeship Automotive Manufacturing Programmes/Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technologies

If you are 16 years old and leaving school, our boot camps/pre-apprenticeship programmes, which are a key growth area for us, could be the right choice for you. It puts you in the heart of the industry and will prepare you for a career in the automotive manufacturing sector. It is delivered in our state of the art premises in the North East and North West and includes:

• A Lean Level 2 qualification or Level 2 Dip in Eng Technologies
• Developing English and maths, ICT and employability skills
• Formula 1 Challenge, Autodesk Inventor 3D, Reading & interpreting Engineering drawings, create and race a miniature F1 car
• Multimedia workshops
• Working in a simulated workshop


At NAC you will get a world class experience and amazing training.


NAC Group’s Traineeship in Automotive Manufacturing is a 15-week course aimed at learners aged 17-23. The programme is focused on skills development in order to improve employability and upskilling of individuals, helping them to gain valuable knowledge and achieve the necessary qualifications to pursue an apprenticeship or work placement.

At NAC Group we make sure that this is the right course for the individual with the bonus of paid work experience.

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